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How to create good design portfolio*

Be thoughtful about what you include

Don’t grab everything you’ve ever created, snap a few photos and include it with a title. Set aside time to go through all of your pieces, exclude anything you’re not proud of or don’t think is your best work. Define yourself in a more simpler and professional way, let your design speak for you.

Note: Your design should portray consistency or rather reflect a style in art.

Choose your strongest pieces

Do not express your weak points here. They say, first impression is always the best, well I say make it perfect. Ladies and gentlemen given a chance to market yourself, you got to give it your best. Well, these are the projects you know were successful, got rave reviews and had good results. Choose the best you got!

Bring your most unique and creative work

People need to see something different and to provide that you've to stand out of the crowd. The cheat sheet for design is to stay on trend. Graphic design jobs are very competitive and to get hired to work at a company you have to give them a reason why they should hire you and the other person. The creativity and uniqueness is important when it comes to design work.

Go for high-resolution

Yes, your portfolio might be 100% online but the question is, is it presentable? People prefer high resolution images for the purpose of viewing. If your intention is to have a nice stunning portfolio or rather website, then use a higher resolution.

Stay on trend

Don’t include anything older than 3 years. Trends, techniques and technology keep on changing. You don’t want to look outdated. Let the old stay with old. You got to tag yourself with the trending designs.

Non-client is useful

It doesn't have to be clients work. If got your own projects then there's no harm in adding them to your portfolio

Include the process

Design is about process. Include everything there, starting with the ideas, sketches until your last step. This enables the viewers to see your understanding in the design field. You can absolutely have a portfolio piece that shows your design process designed for your client to pick from.